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........... [DOWNLOAD] v3.84 (20.01.2013) [2.12 MB Zip of SView5_Install.exe      2295375 Bytes, Zip-CRC E94EC88D] (with automatic download of system packages - DEFAULT)
........... [DOWNLOAD] v3.84 (20.01.2013) [2.07 MB Zip of SView5_Install_Lean.exe 2246868 Bytes, Zip-CRC 8E529975] (without automatic download)
More download options listed at bottom of page (link section).
Note: Please only link to data/, as specific release links will not remain permanently available.

Note: On Internet repeatedly 'Portable' versions of SView5 show up, sometimes as RAR archives. Beware. These are unauthorized and ILLEGAL. These are NOT released by me.
Make sure you do not download from unauthorized sites, possibly resulting in manipulated or cracked software. If in doubt, compare Zip content size and CRC from above.

One of the following packages is required:
MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)  (Download) (required for SView5 for Win/x86)  - 4.8 MB
MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)  (Download) (required for SView5 for Win/x64)  - 5.4 MB
MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (IA64) (Download) (required for SView5 for Win/IA64) - 2.2 MB

...and one of the following packages is required:
MS .NET Framework 4.0 Installation Package (x86)     (Download) (required for SView5 for Win/x86)
MS .NET Framework 4.0 Installation Package (x86/x64) (Download) (required for SView5 for Win/x64)
MS .NET Framework 4.0 Installation Package (IA64)    (Download) (required for SView5 for Win/IA64)

The following tool in general is recommended if you are running a lot of legacy software in parallel:
MS EMET 5.2 Security Tool (Download) (recommended) - 11 MB

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If you use one of my programs and would like to backup my hobbyist development on them, consider making a voluntary donation.
Note, that such a donation for cost coverage does not result in any obligations for either party - and that no profit is made:

Q: What makes this tool unique?
A: I have not seen any other free desktop tool yet, which supports freely defineable convolution maxtrix operations
   upto 9x9 raster size, has a really transparent ICC profile support, keeps 48 bit (LDR) during the whole processing
   chain, supports up to 96 bit (HDR), provides a wide range of supported exotic input formats (e.g from TIFF sources),
   etc. - most of the features possibly are kind of hidden, but well working.

Q: Is ColorManagement (CMS) supported?
A: Yes. Either via embedded ICC profiles (e.g. ICCP in PNG, JPEG, TIFF or via explictely attaching them afterwards.
   Conversion is done to sRGB (Win standard profile) prior display/preview. 

Q: I'm editing my photos directly on the flash memory card. Works quite slow...
A: Flash (writing) is slow in general and photos with large resolutions put much load on the USB bus.
   Copy photos to your hard drive prior editing them.

Q: I'v set a fixed-width-font (e.g. Courier). Why do the texts no longer fit into the window?
A: SView5 requires a variable-width-font from the Arial-Helvetica-family as system font.

Q: Why is there no german, spanish, etc. program version yet?
A: Translations (i.e. for now English and German plus an easy way to provide and maintain further translations) are being worked on.

Q: Can it be installed as portable version, e.g. on USB stick?
A: Yes. Just install it once somewhere and copy the program folder as-is to your USB stick.
   The host machine however needs to have .NET 4.0 and the VC10 runtime.
   If only .NET is present you could try to provide a generic x86 VC10 runtime in the program
   folder as well (Windows should search there, too).
   Note: On Internet repeatedly 'Portable' versions of SView5 show up, sometimes as RAR archives. Beware. These are unauthorized and ILLEGAL. These are NOT released by me.

Q: Would .NET 3.0 or 2.0 also be sufficient? Or a mobile .NET?
A: Upto SView5 v3.57: Version 3.0 should also work, Version 2.0 might, mobile versions most likely will not.
   From SView5 v3.60: Compilation has been done with dedicated target .NET 4.0 so that it compatibility with earlier versions cannot be guaranteed.
   Unfortunately I do not have time/ressources to test all possible .NET/Windows combinations.

Q: Would it work under Mono (Linux/MacOS X) as well, as under .NET?
A: No idea. Hopefully yes. Regarding Linux: Since SView5 uses a number of native components (SView5 SDK) and native
   Win32 calls, this depends on a working Mono-Wine integration. (The SDK itself easily could be compiled for Linux.)
   Please let me know if you got it working - saves me from doing a GTK port.
   Update: As of 04.12.2010 it does not yet work with the openSUSE 11.3 VMWare image - which includes Mono 2.8.1 - as supplied by Mono.
Q: Is the SDK actually .NET-based?
A: No, the SDK is written in portable C++ (and except the externally visible API internally even mainly in POSIX-compliant C).  

Q: Why didn't you write it in Java (or OSGi)?
A: The underlying code has a C history. While migrating to C++ was straightforward, translation to Java would be close to a re-write.

Q: Could the SDK be used from within or together with Java (or OSGi)?
A: The underlying data structures are very simple. A Buffer for graphics data may even exist without C++ object instance.
   These two facts should make a Java integration via JNI very simple (simpler than with other libraries).

Q: Is this software really free of charge?
A: Yes and no. The SDK is not intended to be made freely available. Also further development of the .NET client (tool) depends
   on your feedback and donations. Neither SView5 not the SDK are currently commercially offered, though.
   Active promotion or sales do not take place. This could change if demand shows up.

Q: What about commercial usage of the tool?
A: Commercial usage is not free. (Commercial being defined as professional use of any kind in the context of a company.)
   See: [Register]

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